How to clean the aquarium?


It is a common misconception that cleaning an aquarium means cleaning it thoroughly. This is wrong. Bacterial colonies accumulate in the aquarium along with the filters, and if you clean it thoroughly, it will end up dirty. I can show you my favorite way to clean an aquarium.

You have to start with the mirror. Clean with a seaweed pad. Use a long-handled scrubber, preferably a short one. It is best to buy the pads from a pet store rather than a department store to avoid any chemicals left in the pads. You can use a razor to remove stubborn residue. If it is an acrylic aquarium, you can use a plastic razor to avoid scratches.

After cleaning the glass, remove all decorations and artificial plants.

Clean them thoroughly. Do not use soap to clean them. Even soap residue can kill your fish. You can use a scrub instead. Then wash the whole substance under running water. You can bleach live plants, but with a moderate amount of solution – about five percent. After contamination, the plants must be thoroughly washed.

Always use only an aquarium bucket. Do not use any other regular bucket, it contains soap which can be dangerous for fish. After that, the gravel should be vacuumed to remove dirt. Do it right to get rid of all the dirt.

After cleaning the inside of the aquarium, turn your attention to the outside.

You need to clean the exterior glass, air cleaner and lights. Do not use regular glass cleaner. Instead, you can use cleaning products recommended by pet owners.

After cleaning the outside, you can put decorations and plants and stones in the tank. Do not touch the filters during the entire cleaning process. Colonies of bacteria form in the filter, which is beneficial for the fish. They help reduce toxic chemicals in the water. So you don’t have to disturb them. After a few days you can clean the filter.

How to clean the filter?

Some experts say that it is recommended to change the filter from time to time. Others warn of damage caused by swarms of bacteria forming on the filters if you do this. I think you can only change the filter once or twice after Rengøring Erhverv it. If the filters absorb ammonia, it is best to change them after three weeks. If you use mechanical filters, you can gently wash them to remove and replace debris. Filter brushes are available for cleaning easily accessible areas.

Once you’ve completed all of these tasks, keep a record of your work. You must perform regular cleaning. The time depends on the size of your aquarium and the fish you keep. However, as a general rule, it is recommended to scrape the exterior glass once a week. If you see dirt or algae on the rocks and planes, they need to be cleaned. You can clean the filter every month. Regular cleaning keeps your aquarium looking good

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