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I’m so glad that you’re looking into my SEO consultancy services. I’m committed to getting websites to the top of Google via best practice SEO optimisation

SEO Consulting Services

I’m so glad that you’re looking into my SEO consultancy services. I’m committed to getting websites to the top of Google via best practice SEO optimisation and providing an outstanding level of customer service along the way. That’s why I’ve worked with businesses across the US and UK as a leader in the field of SEO consulting. I have clients from all over the world. In fact, many of my clients ask me to work on their websites because they want to ensure they get great service and they like my link building strategy. 

Understand Your SEO Objectives

To help your business it’s important to define your objectives, we’ll start by understanding more about your business objectives, targets and the marketing campaigns you’ve carried out so far. By learning as much as possible about your unique business and the competitive landscape, We will work with you to develop an SEO strategy that delivers results. It’s really helpful for SEO to rank in Google SERPs. Your high level SEO objectives may include:

Our SEO Strategies Includes

Technical SEO Audit

Start your website project off right with this complete technical SEO audit and report. I will analyze deep into your website to find search engine optimization opportunities and areas for refinement of your onpage SEO. As any SEO consultant will tell you, the most important first step of any SEO service is a thorough on-page assessment and analysis which covers all aspects of what is best for your SEO project.

Technical SEO of website includes

  1. Check Crawling Issues of Website
  2. Remove Duplicate Content 
  3. Check Internal Links
  4. Review Sitemap
  5. Test Site Speed
  6. Compare Site Metrics With Competitor
  7.  Analyze Website Backlinks

Discover Best Keyword Opportunities

SEO keyword research is a fundamental but integral part of any successful SEO campaign. Researching the right keywords for sites will help you to find out what’s important to target audiences and potential customers and will help you to deliver qualified leads. Choosing the right keywords can make all the difference to your website and business. My SEO Consultancy can help you to find the best keywords to build your website content around and deliver qualified leads directly to you. We don’t dive into SEO without doing the proper keyword research. I will find the best keywords for you to help connect with your target audience and grow your business.  After your target audience has conducted a search using their chosen keywords, their results will be displayed and then ranked.

Competitor Analysis

It’s important to realize that the more you know about your online competitors, the better the chances are of you achieving online success. Looking at what your competitors are doing well, and by default what they’re not so good at is a great place to start. By knowing more about them, you can build a solid strategy to stay ahead of the game. Compare your website with your online competitors to easily determine what they are doing better than you! This analysis helps companies drive more traffic, convert more visitors, and create an even stronger brand. The best SEO consultants use this process to determine what your strengths and weaknesses are in relation to your competitors and help create a strategy for overcoming those competitors for the highest search engine rankings.

Content Marketing

Ever wondered why your website isn’t ranking as highly as your competitors’? The answer is probably down to poorly written content. If you want to out-rank your competitors for any given keyword, it’s important to blend SEO and traditional copywriting techniques in order to produce a high-quality piece of content that people will actually want to read and could even share within their network. If you’re looking for a little help in writing content for your site, this can really help. We also offer our Copywriting service to produce the pages and posts based on a brief provided by our clients. Websites with poor content won’t rank well in search and won’t convert any traffic that does manage to find them. If you’ve got money invested in your website it makes sense to invest a little more into your content as well!

Link Building

Link building is the process of creating inbound links to your website, which helps boost the authority of your domain. As an SEO consultant, my extensive experience will help you to uncover hidden potential opportunities for expanding your link-building efforts with high-quality sites that drive traffic, brand awareness, and lead generation. This includes creating infographics placed on popular websites that naturally attract links from other sites and social media. This also includes placing a link to your site from web pages and directories on the internet. By understanding link building and how search engine optimization works, you will be able to build a large, valuable, and sustainable network of links and improve your brand’s online reputation and organic ranking in a short time. I’m a strong believer in helping others to succeed, I take care in researching the best opportunities for growing your ranking positions. Check our best and most affordable link-building packages.

Get Your Website SEO Consultance Service

At Digital Freelance Agency we provide SEO consulting to help businesses rank page #1 and reach their true potential online. We’ll show you exactly what we’ll do, how much it’ll cost, and how we’re going to crush your competitors.