The 4 Deadly SEO LinkBuilding Mistakes


SEO link building has become one of the main high leverage activities in any online business. The simple fact is that backlinks will give you a high page rank and a high page rank will help you to rank higher in the SERPs. Obviously this means more traffic and more chances to rank higher. It is also vital that you build the links in a way that will not only seach engine friendly but also user friendly. Sometimes problem with backlinks and building them manually, is that you are probably going on spamming and you dont even konw this.

There are some guys using wrong linkbuilding techniques that can have your website marked by Google and cause you to lose months of hard work. To help you stay on the right side of the search engine, be careful if you decide to build backlinks. The key for SEO linkbuilding is to find the right balance. More so than with anything else, you need to make sure your SEO linkbuilding doesn’t stand out from the crowd. There are 7 deadly mistakes you should avoid at all costs.

Mistake: Spamming the Link Building

Unfortunately, low-quality websites might send a dofollow link to your website; this means that they are purposely or un-purposely telling the search engines that algorithms can recognize your website as one of them. So, how do you know if a website is giving your website a low quality backlink? The idea of backlinks and link building are usually associated with black hat seo and spammy tricks. In fact, a lot of people still believe that’s the way to get ranked in Google with their spammy (Spammy links mean non-trusted website links).  A good backlink comes from a reputable site. A bad backlink comes from a not-reputable site. Google has been cracking down on bad backlinks since Penguin was launched. Penguin penalizes web pages that receive bad backlinks by lowering their rankings. 

Building links from no-index pages or domains

There are Some people Building no-index backlinks they even do not know how to check if these links are indexable or not if the website or page not getting indexed in Google these are like dump. If you’re a SEO, blogger or a site owner, then it is your primary duty to understand how Google search algorithms punish sites without being listed on the SERP. I’m sure you thought that getting links from other websites is an easy task and there’s no such thing as “risky backlinks”. But if you’re doing it to improve the search ranking of your website or page on Google or even trying to get traffic, then think again these links are indexable or not. 

Using optimized anchor text

This is another common mistake most people make even in 2022. Are you also thinking that you can get better search rankings by getting links with keyword stuffed anchor texts within them? There is no doubt that optimized anchor texts are the best link building strategy. If you are building links on the same anchor text on different blogs this might not help you rank higher this may cause a penalty to rank low search engines would quickly mark these links as spam. You should avoid using the same anchor text too much and use several combinations to make it more natural to Google bots.

Irrelevant link building

If you own a blog on cloud computing, building a backlink on some portal based on beauty remedies is certainly not a good idea. Bloggers often tend to make links on high ranking sites without considering the matching of niches. Before you make a link, ensure that the host blog has a similar type of niche as your own blog. Building quality backlinks for your blog is an important aspect of search engine optimization. But not every link you can create is quality or relevant. It’s important to be smart about where you’re getting your backlinks from and why.

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