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digital marketing companies in Uk

About Digital Marketing Companies in UK

Top 10 digital marketing companies in UK. This is the truth for many entrepreneurs who are just beginning their careers. Despite the awe-inspiring talent in one particular area because of a lack of planning for business as well as market research, plenty of ideas for business are abandoned without achieving any success. Every business struggles to figure out their intended customer and the best strategies to market for generating new leads, and how to stay against the competition in the long haul. In this case online marketing can be the most effective solution for any company to ensure that their business runs smoothly.

Advertising Campaigns on Digital Platforms

Digital marketing is the term used to describe advertising campaigns on Top 10 digital marketing companies in UK, such as websites, search engines, social media, mobile apps, and email.

For a successful business having a solid understanding of digital marketing can help you understand the strategies, the consumer behavior and more digital marketing. This Digital Marketing course offered by Imperial college london is one of the top digital marketing programs in UK. Their comprehensive and industry-specific curriculum provides in-depth understanding in digital marketing.

With the advancement of technology for software and the rise using electronic devices digital marketing has now become a necessity for all businesses regardless of size. There are numerous digital marketing companies that have assisted numerous brands gain recognition.

If you’re seeking Top 10 digital marketing companies in UK to help you in all aspects of running your online storefront, this article is sure to fulfill your goal. This article will present the top 10 online marketing firms in uk and their services and the famous brands they’re associated with, as well as their achievements.

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MY TOP PICKS Top 10 digital marketing companies in UK

1.KOTA Marketing Uk:

To promote a product or a service successfully You must know the requirements of the target market. To achieve this, Kota communicates with its customers emotionally with their inspirational content. Thanks to this creativity, Kota has come up with a number of amazing campaigns for its customers. Customers are able to easily connect with their content that stays in the minds of customers.

It was found on Jan 1, 2013. Kota is among the oldest companies in digital marketing in Uk which has left an impression on the market consistently. The company is regarded as the most innovative advertising agency Kota has purchased through Dentsu International, a multinational digital marketing and media company located in London, England.

Specialties: Online ads, mobile marketing, website design social media marketing SEO, communication design and marketing of products, branding as well as digital media.

Clients: They are Microsoft, P&G, Airtel, Flipkart, Tanishq, Unilever, Wipro, Swiggy Uk and many others.

Main Office Locations: 1-5 Clerkenwell Rd, London EC1M 5PA, UK

Awards: KOTA Marketing Uk Received in January 2019 best website design awardin February 2019 best film production website design award, in April best Retail Design Agency Award with Design4Retail. etc.

2. Favoured Marketing Company Uk:

Favoured marketing company Top 10 digital marketing companies in Uk typically use a method of marketing to tackle their partner’s problems with growth. They start by setting up specific goals for the business and in order to reach this goal, they employ a variety of marketing strategies. These strategies involve data analysis experiments, testing, and experimentation in addition to applying various marketing strategies to increase the revenue in general growth.

They focus on lead generation search engine optimization (SEO) traffic, efficient advertising, in addition to organic traffic. Numerous MNCs and startups have seen consistent growth through campaigns developed by the experienced staff that comprises Growth Digital hackers.

Services: They provide assistance on SEO, content marketing Marketing Automation, CRO Digital strategy consulting digital change, organic growth growth marketing, as well as apps for mobile marketing.

The clients include Elvie, Durex, Omini, Smash, woo woo, Wombat, ODDBOX.

Main office location: 2 Riding House St, London W1W 7FA, United Kingdom

Awards: In the year 2020 they were honored to have been named Clutch’s Leader for top B2B firms in their resource and the best B2B companies in the world.

3. SEO Works Uk:

SEO Works Uk has been in business from Apr 10, 2006 onwards and helps more than 600 clients in helping market their brands. It became part of Dentsu International in 2015. SEO Works Uk believes that Top 10 digital marketing companies in UK can influence your overall business performance when executed correctly.

They create a digital roadmap to identify new business opportunities, and employ strategies to reach the desired goal. Based on their deep market analysis, they develop digital campaigns that work in attracting attention of the public. To be successful on the market in the long run, you need superior narratives and sophisticated tools. SEO Works Uk is proficient in both.

Their exceptional performance has earned them the title of one of the top advertising agencies for digital media in Uk.

Their specialties include expertise on Social Media Marketing, online reputation management, online PR, Social Media Audit Digital marketing, mobile marketing, development of websites Mobile development SEO, SEM video, programmatic buying, and Media planning.

Clients: SEO Works Uk serves doto digital, Tj hughes, TATA steel, Bill Plant driving school, Harris, The University of Sheffield, etc.

Main Office location: Fountain Precinct Balm Green, Sheffield City Center, Sheffield S1 2JA, United Kingdom

The company has won numerous important awards Kyoorius, Unlocked Awards, Campaign Media 360, Marketers’ Excellence etc.

4. Candy Marketing Uk:

Candy Marketing was founded in Manchester, England 2019. It is now operating in 60 countries. Candy Marketing is a firm that follows the principle of intent-based marketing. This agency for performance-based marketing studies customers’ purchasing intentions online , and then determines their plan of action.

This year, two well-established companies Convonix and Resultrix joined with the Candy Marketing brand, which resulted in Candy Marketing Uk. Their reputation for referrals helped to build a diverse client base that spans the various industries. Candy Marketing has a significant international presence in the 57 nations with 3400 professionals who work for their clients.

Specialties: Their offerings include SEM, SEO, Performance Marketing Media planning, Digital Analytics, Conversion Optimization Performance Content Digital Sales, Auditor Insights, Data Science, and Web Analytics.

Clients: They’ve done online marketing campaigns to OneBot, Lucas Blake, Reach Consult, Madison’s Recruitment, Marico etc.

Main Office Location Main Office location:Suite 223, 275 Deansgate, Manchester M3 4EL, United Kingdom

Awards: They are presented with the Uk Excellence Awards, 2021 and Performance Marketing and development, etc.

5. iCONQUER Ltd Uk:

iCONQUER Ltd is an unrelated communications company that offers digital marketing strategies as well as product research for famous brands. It analyzes all aspects of business processes and delivers a wide range of marketing strategies according to the requirements. Their innovativeness is in the mix of storytelling and technology that allows them to integrate the brand’s values in a strong way.

iCONQUER Ltd is the sole digital marketing firm that offers the unique feature Zozolo dashboard, which allows you to track your brand’s social media performance.

In 2012, iCONQUER Ltd was founded in 2012 as a small business. Through consistent performance they have earned their position as a leader in the field of online marketing. They have also become the home of 150 highly certified marketers.

Specialties: They provide assistance in the areas of Social Media Optimization as well as SEO Optimization, Online Reputation Management, Web Design and Development Paid Per Click Advertising, and Social Commerce.

Clients: They’ve worked with the most well-known brands such as Dj Kit, DIY Splashback, All Speeds, John Parrott sports,and many more.

Main Office Location The office is located at Blackburn Technology Management Center, Challenge Way, Blackburn BB1 5QB, United Kingdom

Award: iCONQUER Ltd was the first marketing firm that was praised for its work in The Great Places Work uk in 2019. It also achieved the no.1 place in the category of professional services.

6. Phoenix Pixel Studios:

Phoenix Pixel Studios began its journey as a Social First Digital Agency, called Social Wavelength in 2015. Then, in 2015 they were part of WPP’s Global Digital Agency and rebranded as Phoenix Pixel Studios Uk. Phoenix Pixel Studios is a proven leader in offering digital solutions to more than 50 brands from the US and abroad. Phoenix Pixel Studios employs 2500 marketing professionals as part of Phoenix Pixel Studios staff, spread across the offices of 46 in 25 countries.

To succeed in your business you must follow a sound marketing strategy that is based on thorough analysis, planning, and implementation and implementation of marketing techniques. They are experts in utilizing technology to present their brands as to allow the public to be affected. They know the importance of managing social media the correct way can assist you achieve your goals for business.

Specialties: They provide digital solutions within the field of Digital Communication, Digital Media Planning and Buying websites and apps design, Social Media Listening, Marketing Automation, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Creative Studio, Market Research, and Martech.

Clients: They’ve been working on behalf of Luminous, My Louis, Extreme Vapour, Sweet Savior,DRS Solicitors,RHD Solicitors, and many more.

Main Office The lawns, Bradford BD3 0PZ, United Kingdom.

Awards. They’ve won awards such as Social Media Campaign of the year, Best Innovation in Social and Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing Leadership awards, Foxglove Awards, and numerous others.

7. Atula Technologies Ltd.:

Atula Technologies Ltd. is the only stop for business houses that are looking for comprehensive solutions to the many challenges that arise from digital marketing. A perfect blend of art and technology offers a solution for digital marketing that achieves the goal you want to achieve. The omni-channel marketing approach they employ results in the conversion. They design digital solutions that serve the goals of satisfaction of customers and feedback.

Established at the end of 2020, the business has seen tremendous growth over the last year. Their focus on modern solutions allows their partner brands to stay ahead of the pack.

Specialties: Their primary areas include Digital Marketing and Strategy, Social Media Marketing & Monitoring, Branding and Design, Search Engine Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Online Reputation Management and Search Engine OptimizationSEO Services SEO Services, and Pay Per ClickPPC Services. PPC Services.

Clients: They have made endorsements for brands such as EZ Stay , Stockontrol , CareOptima, and many more.

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8. Ziffity Solutions Pvt Ltd:

The story centers around an assortment of friends who began their journey with a small project in the year 2014. With the help of vision and their passion, the small business, dubbed Ziffity Solutions Pvt Ltd, was transformed into Uk’s most performing and creative digital agency. The agency is part of the Zoo Media network.

Their “cool” style of operation attracts Generation Z without compromising their agile values of Integrity, Creativity Excellence, Endurance, Excellence and compassion. Ziffity Solutions Pvt Ltd innovative solutions are based on the analysis of data, intelligent content, the right tools, and the media. Their extensive range of services and highly skilled team have played an important contribution to sustaining their customers.

Support offered includes the creation of content, content engine and content partnership, as well as technology services as well as listening and response media services, search products, services for data analysis and omnichannel consulting on commerce.

Clients: Some famous names among their clients are Swiggy, Kellog’s, Burger King, Netflix, Dabur and many others.

Main Office Location The office is located at Metro Station, No.184-187, Temple Steps Block No: 1, Unit-A,8th Floor Anna Salai, Landmark:, near to Little Mount, Little Mount, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600015, Uk

Awards: The company has been awarded awards for the best use of topical posts within campaigns, Best Integrated Digital Campaign, Best Brand of the Year, Floor Ideas, etc.

9. Burst Digital London:

Burst Digital London is primarily an agency for digital media that provides digital solutions that have the ability to operate in offline media as well. Their approach to problem solving produces a positive result for their clients. They also offer a special benefit of annual retainer shipping for all platforms.

Burst Digital London is a firm believer in ethics-based marketing. According to the company, a brand’s value is enhanced when a campaign promotes a positive social cause. Burst Digital London was established in 2018. Also in constant evolution and adopting technology advancements, this company has grown into one of the leading marketing agencies online in Uk.

Services offered: They offer creating videos and web design mobile applications Search marketing social media marketing customer relationship management.

Clients: They’ve collaborated with brands such as Convivia,VIVIENNE WESTWOOD’S, PROFITX, WISEAGEand many more.

The main office location The main office is located in 52 New Kent Rd, London SE1 6SH, United Kingdom

Awards: Numerous highly prestigious awards show the results of their dedication to their work, like the Communication Entrepreneur Of The Year. Also the best use of Social Media Best Mobile App at the Ukn Digital Media Awards 2021.

10. Brace Creative Agency:

Brace Creative Agency is regarded for being one of the sought-after and reputable communication solutions companies. They employ an unconventional method of telling stories. Also Brace Creative Agency believes that challenges can help their business to develop. They trust their clients because they believe that the ROI model is focused on the results and boosts their performance.

The agency makes sure that advertising is a passion for them having a combined experience of more than 25 years of experience in this field. With the development of technology and a group of skilled experts under one roof they are always looking for new ways for their brands to get to new heights.

Particularities: Also they are passionate about Strategic Creative Consultancy, Media Planning and Buying, Events & Activation, Digital Advertising, Public Relations and Consulting, New Media Initiatives, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management as well as Web Development.

Clients This list includes well-known brands such as ISUZU, Tata Motors, SBI, and many others.

The main office location The office of their main location is located in Olympus House, Olympus Park, Quedgeley GL2 4NF, United Kingdom. Which is spread across 15 major cities across Uk.


  • In order to grow a company the website of a company must draw organic traffic. Digital marketing firms know how to create organic traffic through tracking customer travels, inbound marketing and search engine algorithmic search.
  • Marketing experts assist to define your company’s goal and the customers you want to target. Through an in-depth analysis of your company’s sales process. Also they will be able to create leads that are sales-ready using a variety of inbound tools. Like content marketing and social media marketing web design as well as search engine optimization.
  • Digital marketing firms help handle your online marketing that can increase the exposure of your site. With the right keywords, they can help advertise brands on the internet and establish relationships with your customers online.


In the wake of Covid-19 in 2020, each company. Whether small or big must recognize the importance of digital platforms, and adjust their business model to extend its impact. Also Marketing is a crucial component of every business, and for greater growth, the importance of digital marketing is essential.

A digital marketing agency is a broader type of internal marketing team within any company. Also with the aid of market research and a comprehensive knowledge of the organization’s structure. Digital marketing agencies are able to assist brands in connecting with their customers.

Digital marketing companies are thought of as an important factor for every business regardless of their size. With the most efficient performance metrics, they provide an unlimited number of possibilities for businesses to grow. They can integrate the virtual world with the real world through understanding strategies for marketing. The latest techniques, trends, and the application of digital tools. Also their effectiveness and diverse strategies will help a company reach an entirely new level.

When choosing an agency for digital marketing, it is essential to determine the exact issue your business faces. Based on your needs and budget.  Also you can select an appropriate agency from the list of the most effective digital marketing agencies in Uk to achieve the best results.

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