Why My Google Ranking Dropped?

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Few things in SEO are more discouraging than a drop in the rankings. However, most of the time, you can diagnose exactly why your Google ranking dropped, take steps to solve the issue, and recover your lost rankings. There are many reasons why a site’s ranking might suffer an abrupt plunge, and the majority of them can be remedied with a bit of time and effort.

Google may use large amounts of data to decide how to rank pages, but it does not have access to all the information about a website. Sometimes webmasters make mistakes that Google’s algorithms are able to detect and take action on, bringing a site’s ranking down.

Content Problems

When it comes to content, Google favors long-form and original content. Scraping content from other websites could get you banned from their indices and result in losses for your business. Make sure that all of your contributors take the time to research and write unique content. Copyscape can help you ensure that no one’s been plagiarizing or stealing any information from your site.

Google ranks content, not websites, and while there are many factors that impact your search rankings, content is one of the most important. If you create low-quality content with easily duplicated pieces, Google’s latest Penguin update will punish you for it. The key to creating high-ranking content is to make sure it’s as unique and relevant as possible, because search engines favor originality above all else.

Technical Changes

One of the most important things you can do after experiencing a drop in rankings is determine if technical changes on your website are somehow related to the drop. Backups, documentation, and testing are good ways to start this process.

Lost Backlinks

If your link profile is made up of a lot of new, low quality and irrelevant links, you could find yourself in hot water when Google updates their algorithm. If too many of your backlinks go down overnight and you do not have the time to repair them in a timely manner, this can lead to fluctuating rankings or even a loss of rankings altogether. Though it is difficult to say how large your drop will be, it will almost certainly have an effect on your position within search results.

Competitor Improvements

 One possible cause of google Ranking dropped fluctuations is competitor improvement. So, even though you are doing everything right, your rankings could be fluctuating due to these changes. Monitoring your competitor’s site and understanding their strategies will help you prepare for when they update their site or launch new campaigns.

If you notice that some of your competitors have been able to rank their website higher than yours, then it may be due to the fact that they have made some improvements to the site and within this particular area of search engine optimization. If they’ve outranked you in a large number of keywords, then they have probably implemented some site-wide enhancements.

Why Google Penalized My Site

It’s important to know the reasons for a Google penalty. This is an important factor of google Ranking dropped. Learn the top 17 reasons why Google issues penalties, from quality issues on your site to doorway pages and spammy links. By knowing these types of issues, you can fix them before they become problems.

  1. Buying links
  2. Duplicate content
  3. Overusing H1 tags
  4. Internal 404s
  5. Keyword stuffed content
  6. Missing sitemap data
  7. Broken external links
  8. Anchor text overuse
  9. Website timing out or down
  10. Affiliate links all over the place
  11. Slow speeds
  12. Black hat SEO
  13. Speedy link building
  14. Spam reports
  15. Redirection
  16. Error codes in website
  17. Duplicate metadata

You Might Ignore Google Updates

Google’s algorithm updates change frequently and they’re incredibly complex. Keep in mind that the update may also be niche-related and affect a small number of sites, in which case, the news might not get covered right away. If you think Google has changed their algorithm, check the SEO news sites for news related to a possible Google update and identify what’s changed in the algorithm and how your site might violate the Google guidelines.

It is important to stay up-to-date on the latest Google algorithm updates, because they are going to impact your rankings. It’s rare for Google to announce algorithm updates, even the major ones, so most of them will be rolled out quietly. It is best to identify what’s changed in the algorithm and how your site might violate the Google guidelines.

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